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Concrete Slab Sawing

Concrete Slab Cutting - South Shore MA Concrete Cutting Contractor

This is another application for cutting concrete floors that some people take for granted. Concrete Walk Behind Sawing are powered by hydraulic, electric, diesel, and gas are typically used for cutting pavement at airports, local streets, and even your home driveway. Also, Interior trenching for plumbing pipes, sewer, drains, and electric services are placed in these trenches when we cut and remove the concrete.

We have all the necessary blades for cutting different depths, and saws for those inside jobs where gas can not be used. Water is another factor to deal with when cutting concrete floors. Water must be controlled because of the extreme use of it when cutting concrete floors. It will travel everywhere unless contained. We provide that service when we estimate a slab sawing job so you don't have to call your neighbor or friend for help.

Requirements for Concrete Slab Sawing for cutting concrete slabs:

  • Layout must be done by home owner or general contractor. All cuts should be marked before Cape Cod Concrete Cutting arrives on site.
  • If you need a concrete floor cut it is essential that we know the thickness, footage, if water is available, and access is very important.
  • Water control will be needed on most concrete slab jobs, and will be provided at an additional charge by Cape Cod Concrete Cutting.
  • Ventilation is a must when we use a gas or diesel concrete walk-behind saw. If ventilation is a problem then we do have electric saws for any job.
  • Access is essential to allow us to get the saws in and out of the building or space being cut. The concrete slab saw is very heavy and awkward to maneuver in tight areas. The cutting area must be clear of all obstructions to allow the operator to do his job properly and efficiently.
  • If water and power is not present we can provide it.
  • These are typical requirements and may not pertain to every job.