Our Services:
Jack Hammering, Demolition and Removal

  • concrete-jack-hammering-demoltion-concrete-cutting-contractor-south-shore-ma Track Machine removing concrete patio
  • concrete-jack-hammering-demoltion-concrete-cutting-contractor-south-shore-ma A closer view of the concrete patio being cut, and then removed.
  • concrete-jack-hammering-demoltion-concrete-cutting-contractor-south-shore-ma Old concrete removed to dumpster and prepared for recycling
  • concrete-jack-hammering-demoltion-concrete-cutting-contractor-south-shore-ma Concrete Wall / Doorway cut and ready to be broken up
  • concrete-jack-hammering-demoltion-concrete-cutting-contractor-south-shore-ma Concrete wall / doorway broken into managable pieces
  • concrete-jack-hammering-demoltion-concrete-cutting-contractor-south-shore-ma Precast concrete stairs ready to be jackhammered and broken up
  • concrete-jack-hammering-demoltion-concrete-cutting-contractor-south-shore-ma Precast concrete stairs broken up and ready for removal
  • concrete-jack-hammering-demoltion-concrete-cutting-contractor-south-shore-ma Concrete ramp being removed after concrete cutting
  • concrete-jack-hammering-demoltion-concrete-cutting-contractor-south-shore-ma Concrete ramp removed to allow trucks to back up to loading dock

Demolition and Removal of concrete walls, concrete slabs, and anything concrete is what we do for larger projects that require this service. We will remove concrete slab / floor when it is necessary or when the client or contractor wants it done. An interior space inside buildings / commercial sites typically needs this service to allow access to buried plumbing, electrical, or gas pipes under the floor. Concrete Walls can be taken down and jack hammered into manageable pieces for the customer or us to remove. Some areas do require larger equipment for removal, and we do that as well. We provide the necessary equipment to remove large areas of concrete slab or wall if space is applicable. Please let us know if you need this done at your residence or commercial site. Any removal projects will have to be looked at before an estimate is given.

We offer Jack Hammering of any concrete or precast stairs, precast concrete, concrete wall, concrete, concrete floor / slab at your home or commercial site.