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Concrete Core Drilling

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This is done by mounting a base and attaching a heavy duty electric, hydraulic, gas, or air powered drill for large diameter holes at deep depths. It can be use for coring holes for multiple uses like sewer pipe, electrical conduit, water pipe, pre-cast basins, dryer vents, drains for sumps, and sump placement in concrete floors, air vents, etc…Trades that need this service are typically electricians, plumbers, HVAC, general contractors, and home owners. Core drilling is some what quiet and leaves little mess and water to cleanup. The depths of core drilling are endless because the bit can come in almost any length.

We also have hand held core drills for small holes in tight places. Core Drilling can be done in any type of stone material.

Requirements for Concrete Core Drilling for cutting concrete walls and concrete floors:

  • Layout must be done by home owner or general contractor. All holes should be marked before Cape Cod Concrete Cutting arrives on site.
  • If you need a hole drilled through your foundation then we will need to know if water and power are available, size, thickness of wall, and location.
  • Water can be placed in a pump can and transported to the location if only a few holes are needed.
  • There is very little mess with core drilling and is a good alternative when water is an issue.
  • Hand Held core drills are used for smaller holes depending on conditions.
  • Core Rigs are mounted to concrete walls or floors when drilling larger diameter holes and a certain amount of space is required. The space needed when using a core rig is generally a hole dug 2'-3'feet wide depending on size of hole needed, 4'-5'feet back from structure, and a 1' below where hole will be drilled. Also a core bit can be placed almost flush to a wall if need.
  • Water is an issue, so please let us know if water control and plastic tarps will be necessary at your residence or commercial project.
  • f water and power is not present we can provide it.
  • These are typical requirements and may not pertain to every job.