Cape Cod Concrete Cutting takes pride in servicing and providing the best cutting and prices for  Cape Cod, Southern Massachusetts, parts of Central Massachusetts and Eastern Rhode Island.

Welcome to Cape Cod Concrete Cutting. We pride ourselves in giving Cape Cod, Southern Massachusetts, parts of Central Massachusetts and Eastern Rhode Island some of our best cutting and prices. Cape Cod Concrete Cutting has over 10 years of experience with concrete cutting in Massachusetts. Servicing the needs of our customers is important to us. Each customer and job is different and sometimes need special attention. We bring the proper equipment, knowledge, and training to your commercial site, home improvement project, and/or residence. Preparation for each job is discussed, planned, and agreed upon in advance to ensure you get the proper results. Concrete cutting can be a very unpleasant experience if not done by a professional. We try to make it seem effortless, easy, and have you saying, "Why didn't we call them in the first place?" So next time you need concrete cutting for a door in your addition, concrete floor cut for that bathroom, or just a core for a sewer pipe, give us a call.

Why you should use Cape Cod Concrete Cutting for your residential or commercial construction project in Massachussetts?

Whether you are a General Contractor or Home Owner, Cape Cod Concrete Cutting is a concrete cutting service that is ready for all your cutting needs. We are a concrete cutting contractor, who pride ourselves on customer service, price, and timely schedule. We perform our jobs as quick and efficient as possible. Our customers return to us for that reason, quick response, affordable prices, and service that day or the next. If you need to be scheduled for a later date, we can accomodate you also. Any questions pertaining to your job no matter how simple they may seem are good questions. We are here to serve you with some of the best concrete cutting knowledge, service, and equipment available. Cape Cod Concrete Cutting has delegated its services to Cape Cod, Southern Massachusetts, and ipper Rhode Island with the best quality cutting we can provide. Cape Cod Concrete Cutting is fully insured with worker compensation and liability.

What does Cape Cod Concrete Cutting do for you?

Cape Cod Concrete Cutting guarantees that the work will be performed as discussed. We make concrete cutting seem easy to the average person. It does require proper equipment and trained professionals to get a job done correctly. Our equipment, whether it be concrete wall sawing, concrete core drilling, concrete slab sawing, or just demolition, is well thought-out in advance to determine what will be the best approach for your job. Estimating the variables that pertain to your job, home improvement project, or commercial site is what we do to make your day and ours go smoothly.

What to expect when concrete cutting is being performed at your Residence or Commercial Site:

Concrete cutting has been around for years and is somewhat of a dirty job. We use water for everything we cut to keep concrete dust down. The water can be minimized to an extent to decrease the excess water in your basement. Tarps and plastic should be placed around the area or at least in front of the blade to stop a fine mist of water that comes through when cutting a wall. We usually perform all the cutting from the exterior of the structure to allow the most water to be dispersed outside. If you do require cutting from the interior of the structure or residence water control will be discussed. When necessary, the proper equipment will be used to keep dust and exhaust down or no exhaust at all will be allowed. We do not use gas equipment indoors typically because of carbon monoxide build up. We use electric or hydraulic equipment so no gas equipment is needed. Concrete cutting can be noisy, to counteract this we wear hearing protection and the cuts are very fast which means minimal noise on-site. This is why you call us to cut concrete, we make it safe, fast, and an overall easy experience.

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Cape Cod Concrete Cutting is ready for all your cutting needs so call, email with pictures preferred, or fax and book your job today! You can call us anytime, and your call will either be answered or returned as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on customer service, price, and getting the job done safely. Thank you for visiting our site and considering Cape Cod Concrete Cutting for your construction project, home improvement project, or commercial site concrete cutting work.

Some applications we perform and what to expect with each:

Concrete Wall Sawing that is powered by air, electric, and hydraulics is an art that requires special attention. We use this saw to cut concrete doors, window, and other objects that most other saws just can't cut. It is the most involved process we have and make it simple for those who need it done. Most of our customers require a door or window cut. This process involves water and some noise that is mostly done outside. Usually a tarp will be placed on the inside to stop spray or misting from the saw blade when it cuts though the concrete. Whether you need it done from the inside or outside of the building or home we will discuss the whole procedure before hand.